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Life In The Future (2050)

The 2000s decade came with revolutions in many fields and sectors across the world. The internet kicked in and revolutionized the world, bringing forth things not thought of previously. In line with that, social media has made people more interconnected. From 2010, many more new inventions have been attained, and the trend seems to continue at a steady rate. The life ahead can only be uncertain, full of surprises. This paper evaluates the possible future scenarios and life in the next three decades, specifically by 2050.

The 21st century is dominated by more technology-oriented inventions than before. The 20th century saw man land on the moon. The 21st century will witness man land on several of the many planets that dot the universe. The first will be Mars, also called the Red Planet. The mission is likely to be accomplished by 2030, as planned by the NASA. That will become history and will set a precedent for future explorations by subsequent human generations. Furthermore, increased investment in research activities is likely to lead to the discovery of a vaccine for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

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Sexual and gender issues are another aspect that will change by 2050. Homosexuality has become a familiar spectacle in the current generation. Lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) issues are broadly recognized. By 2050, this is likely to be such a universally accepted factor that the law will require employers across the world to set aside a percentage of their employment vacancies such as 30% of all positions to LGBT employees. Such a requirement will run alongside the existing gender-based directive of same female and male employee ratio.

Technology is fast advancing. Social media at present acts as one of the leading source of news and interaction. It poses a threat to traditional sources of media including television, newspapers, radios, and magazines. By 2025, some of the traditional media sources, specifically print newspapers will have little role to play as online newspapers and social media will have taken over the market. Mobile phones will play a greater role in the purchase of goods, withdrawal, and deposit of money. Electronic money will replace paper money. Additionally, with the declining oil reserves across the world, electric cars will substitute petrol cars in the next few decades. Consequently, there will be a major shift in job trends.

The United States made history in 2016 by electing a president with no prior experience in political matters. The electorate is breaking away from the traditional mentality of electing experienced, tested-and-approved politicians. It is adopting a whole new approach. To say that a female president will be elected into office as president after President Donald Trump’s era will not be far from the truth. By 2050, the U.S. will have tasted feminine leadership. Also, if the current trend of the President Trump anti-immigration policy and deportation of illegal immigrants gets adequate support and following in subsequent leaderships, the United States will have a stunted population growth and very few cases of immigration. Such policies will significantly reduce U.S influence across the world.

Additionally, global warming will become an even bigger problem. Sea levels will continue to rise, and freshwater sources will be polluted. Fresh water will become a major issue hence environmental destruction will increase significantly. From another perspective, dictator tendencies, chiefly in Asia, will destabilize the world. North Korea, China, and other upcoming nuclear-armed countries will become major security threats to the entire world. Unless well handled, such countries will facilitate increased regional wars, but World War 3 will not occur. Accordingly, terrorist groups will dominate major regions of the world.

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