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Thematic Essay Rubric Ny Regents Schedule

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The Social Studies department offers students the opportunity to explore the wide range of disciplines that encompass the life and growth of humankind--economics, history, the humanities, psychology, law, political science, and ethnic studies. The department offers a wide variety of required courses and electives that prepare students for college and career opportunities in behavioral science and law studies. 

Required Courses
Students are required to complete 4 full years (8 semesters) of Social Studies course work for graduation.  The requirements include 4 semesters of Global Studies, 2 semesters of American History, 1 semester of Economics, and 1 semesters of Participation in Government. 

Regents Requirements
Moreover, all students must pass one Social Studies Regents exams.  Students take the Global Regents Examination at the end of Global Studies in the 10th grade and take the United States History and Government at the end of the 11th grade.  The most common way for students to reach their Regents exam requirements (6) for graduation is to pass BOTH the Global and US History exams.

Common Core Skills
Upon completion of the Social Studies program, students will be able to demonstrate the ability critically evaluate and make informed decisions about economic, social and political questions confronting the individual, the society and the interdependent world. Such decisions will draw upon the lessons of history and the social sciences. Students will learn Global History and Geography and US History and Geography content as they develop skills outlined in the Common Core Standards.   

Social Studies Mission Statement
In alignment with the New York State Department of Education’s “Learning Standards for Social Studies,” the “English Language Arts Performance Standards,” and the “Common Core Standards,” the mission of the Social Studies Department of Edward R. Murrow High School is:

      To structure and implement an instructional program so that all of our students can acquire the essential knowledge and requisite skills to develop positive
      attitudes towards learning and achieve their lifelong goals and aspirations as caring, concerned, informed, and productive college, career and life ready                   citizens of their communities.

The Social Studies program will lead students to develop and reinforce understandings of the following fifteen concepts: 


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