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by Professor Jill Manthorpe, director of the Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London

You may find an essay on mental capacity a little hard to start initially but it will be of great value to you as the subject comes up time and again in social work practice with adults. One first task is to establish what the question is expecting: is this an outline of the law in practice? If so, the Code of Practice (PDF), the SCIE website and recent articles focusing on practice are easily accessible. The SCIE website contains the DH training materials on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (England and Wales) and these are helpful if you missed the teaching or want a refresher.

There are many facets to an essay on mental capacity if it is practice focused. The first element will likely be assessment, and the Code of Practice (PDF) sets out clearly the main elements here.

But the question may relate to advocacy and communication – in which case you will need to touch upon adult safeguarding but also rights of self-determination.

Restraint is not the only item covered by the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards so touch on this but think more broadly. You may also find it helpful to discuss the difficulties but also the benefits of acting in someone’s best interests. Ethical debates and dilemmas are part and parcel of this topic.

There are therefore three main risks in an essay about mental capacity:

– not being clear on the law

– touching upon too much and getting muddled in the process

– presuming that social workers are central to the process. In many ways they are not, so a social work essay needs to tread that fine line of knowing but not claiming the territory.

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A Career as a Social Worker Essay

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A social worker has a very important job. Social workers help children and families in need of food, homes, and health care. They help children have a brighter future. There are many different types of social work. There are mental health, child and family, elementary, and high school social workers. There are advantages to being a social worker. One example is social workers get to save children. They take the child or children out of an abusive home, weather that is mental abuse, or physical abuse. Social workers also find ways to help the family if they have an illness and can not take care of the child or children, or have a problem with drugs or alcohol and are unfit to care for the child or children. The social…show more content…

Even on rare occasions, that the child is being abused as the social worker is in the home, they may need to make a decision to weather or not to take affirmative action and take the child out of the home right then in that moment, or wait. Also when becoming a social worker, the job will require that everyone who is involved in the situation is receiving help. According to the Child Care Careers book this may include giving individual help to every person in the situation. Such as, if the mother is a drug addict, she may require some rehab. Or if the father is very ill, he will need medical attention. Or if the parent(s) and a little insane or have brain trouble, they might need to go to an insane asylum. Every person involved in the situation needs individual “game plans”. One treatment does not fit all. Each individual person has a specific plan to help them with the problem he or she may have. This may include medicine, medical attention, schooling, or even jail. For the child this might include schooling, medical attention, or even foster homes. To be in this field of work, a proper education is required. The Child Care Career Book says “a masters degree in social work is needed if this person would like to go into the mental health, research, or supervisory positions”. It also states that, “A doctorate id required for teaching and desirable for some research and administrative jobs”. Also a social worker at my school said

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