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Slangen, L.A.M.P.Teaching Robotics in Primary School2016
Kock, Z.D.Q.P.Toward physics education in agreement with the nature of science: Grade 9 electricity as a case2016
Beer, H.T. deExploring Instantaneous Speed in Grade Five. A design Research2016
Bogert, N.J. van denOn Teachers' visual perception and interpretation of classroom events using eye tracking and collaborative tagging methodologies2016
Want, A.C. van derTeachers' Interpersonal Role Identity2015
Griethuijsen, R.A.L.F. van Relationships between stuidents' interest in science, views of science and science teaching in upper primary and lower secondary education2015
Coninx, N.S.Measuring effectiveness of synchronous coaching using bug-in-ear device of pre-service teachers2014
Goméz Puente, S.M.Design-based learning : exploring an educational approach for engineering education2014
Marée, T.J.Scripted collaborative enriched skeleton concept mapping to foster meaningful learning2013
Pillen, M.T.Professional identity tensions of beginning teachers2013
Keuvelaar-van den Bergh, L.Teacher feedback during active learning : the development and evaluation of a professional development program2013
Gorissen, P.J.B.Facilitating the use of recorded lectures : analysing students' interactions to understand their navigational needs2013
Diggelen, M.R. vanEffects of a self-assessment procedure on VET teachers' competencies in coaching students' reflection skills.2013
Linden, W. van derA design-based approach to introducing student teachers in conducting and using research2012
Doppenberg, J.Collaborative teacher learning. Settings, foci and powerful moments2012
Vrijnsen-de Corte, M.Researching the Teacher-Researcher. Practice-based research in Dutch professional development schools.2012
Dehing, A.J.M.Preparing students for workplace learning in higher engineering education2012
Ketelaar, E.Teachers and innovations: on the role of ownership, sense-making, and agency2012
Putter, L. deScience teachers designing context-based curriculum  materials: developing context-based teaching competence2012
Saeli, M.Teaching programming for secondary school 2012
Stiphout, I. vanThe development of algebraic proficiency2011
Cornelissen, F.Knowledge Processes in School-University Reseach Networks2011
Kraemer, J.M.Oplossingsmethoden voor aftrekken tot 1002011
Bruin-Muurling, G.The development of proficiency in the fraction domain2010
Vos, M.A.J. Interaction between teachers and teaching materials: on the implementation of context-based chemistry education2010
Bakker, G. de.Allocated only reciprocal peer support via instant messaging as a candidate for decreasing the tutoring load of teachers2010
Van Bragt, C.A.C.Students' educational careers in Higher Education: A search into key factors regarding study outcome2010
Crasborn, F.J.A.J. en Hennissen, P.P.M.The skilled mentor. Mentor teachers' use and acquisition of supervisory skills2010
Mittendorff, K.M.Career conversations in senior secondary vocational education2010
Koopman, M.Students' goal orientations, information processing strategies and knowledge development  in competence-based pre-vocational secondary education2010
Oemar Said, E.De Da Vinci Case: een onderzoek naar de relaties tussen vernieuwende leeromgevingen en de motivatie en regulatievoorkeuren van leerlingen in het MBO2009
Rohaan, E.J.Testing teacher knowledge for technology teaching in primary schools2009
Raessens, B.A.M.De E-kubus: een analysemodel voor curricula2009
Rajuan, M.Student teachers’ perceptions of learning to teach as a basis for supervision of the mentoring relationship2008
Hooreman, R.Synchronous coaching of trainee teachers: an experimental approach2008
Sande, R.A.W. van de.Competentiegerichtheid en scheikunde leren: over metacognitieve opvattingen, leerresultaten en leeractiviteiten2007



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