Experiencer Thematic Role Assignment





          Measure or amount arguments express extension along some dimension (length, duration, cost, and so on).

          Finally, the thematic role of theme is something of a catch-all. According to one definition, 'theme' refers to an argument undergoing motion of some sort, including motion in a metaphorical sense, such as a change of state. As is usual in the syntactic literature, we will also use the term for arguments that are most 'affected' in a situation or for the content of an experience.

          (9) a. Theme:   The lions devouredthe wildebeest.
          b.   This key opensthe door to the main office.
          c.   Hurricane-force winds demolishedmuch of the town.
          d.   They gave the workers a raise.
          e.   I'd like to sendthis package to France.
          f.   Many people fearsnakes.

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