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Edmundite Scholarship Essay

Scholarships for Women:  at affordablecolleges.com

29 excellent scholarships for women attending college. 

10 Words or Less Scholarship - $500.  1 Award - Deadline: January 29.

Eligibile students must be between ages of 14 and 25 on January 29.  Available to high school and college students.  Application can be found at:


Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program will be awarding up to $1,000 scholarship. Application Deadline is Jun4 15, 2105.

Students must submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of the website:  http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm

AED Superstore $1000 College Scholarship  

http://www.aedsuperstore.com/scholarship.html  (Information copied directly from their web page)

AED Superstore is a nationwide distributor of automated external defibrillators and related accessories dedicated to increasing awareness and education around CPR and AEDs. AED Superstore is located in northern Wisconsin and operates under Allied 100, LLC. AED Superstore is offering its first bi-annual scholarship of $1,000 to eligible students.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurring out of hospital claims over 326,000 lives each year, but still, many people are unaware of the dangers of this condition. Here are six other facts about SCA and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) you might not be aware of:

  1. SCA can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of age, race, or gender.
  2. SCA affects roughly 16 people under the age of 18 every day.
  3. Only 1 out of 10 people who have SCA outside of a hospital survive.
  4. The survival rate for SCA victims decays by 10% for every minute without proper
    defibrillation; after 10 minutes, survival is negligible.
  5. AEDs have voice prompts and will talk the rescuer through every step.
  6. Under Good Samaritan Laws, voluntary rescuers are legally protected when aiding those in sudden cardiac arrest distress.

Select one of these six facts you were previously unaware of (and maybe shocked you!) or you wished more people knew about (if you already knew about all of these facts) and submit either a short essay or video which answers the following prompt:

For your chosen fact, address each of the following points:

  • Tell us which fact you’re choosing, starting with “I didn’t know that…” or “I wish more people knew…”
  • Recount your reaction to learning the fact
  • Give us an example of how you might spread awareness at your school or in your community (and please be more creative than making posters)


  • Submissions may be written or in video format. Written submissions must be kept under 500 words and videos must be under 3 minutes.
  • If sending by email, make sure to use the following document naming format: LastName_FirstName_Fact#
  • The deadline for all submissions is May 31, 2017. The next submission deadline will be November 30, 2017.
  • To submit your essay or video, please submit our Scholarship Application Form  (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9K3H-LuhGHfOgEWd4alApgEBgy9SORcDu-z4nAwUgCxNz5A/viewform?c=0&w=1. ) You can also email an attachment to scholarship@aedsuperstore.com with your name and the name of the college you’re attending. If you are unsure of which college you might be attending, please indicate this with TBD.
  • Winner will be selected and notified by July 1, 2017. We have reviewed all of the submissions received during our last scholarship period (which ended November 30, 2016) and have announced a winner: 

To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of the U.S. You must be either a college-bound high school senior or a student currently enrolled in an accredited university.

Please be aware that by submitting an essay or video, you are granting AED Superstore an unlimited license to use your submission in whole or in part as we see fit, and relinquishing any copyright to your submission. If you do not agree with this, do not apply for the AED Superstore Scholarship.

Scholarship checks will be made co-payable to the selected student and the university of his/her choice unless otherwise noted.

AES Scholarship       Deadline:  October 6    Award - $500

Visit:  http://www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm 

Scholarships will be awarded on basis of  character, as determined by an evluation of the essays that are submitted.  You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.

To apply submit an essay of between 500 and 1000 words in answer to the following question:

When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful?  What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?

Alfred Baptist Church Foundation 2015 Scholarship Foundation has awards ranging from $1000 to $20,000 available.

Application deadline is April 10, 2015

Eligible Students:  Graduating Students who have been admitted to a four-year institution, demonstrated commitment to community service, Maintained a 2.75 or better gpa, have a combined SAT score (critical reading, math, writing of 1300 or above OR a composite ACT score of 19 or above.  Apply at www.alfredstreet.org  Paper application available from Mrs. Marton.

Phone: 703-683-2222

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship


AOBA (Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington) Scholarship for students attending Prince George's Community College:

Scholarship offers graduates of Prince George's County high schools paid tuition to Prince George's Community College, a two-year scholarship worth $6,000. (Successful graduates will then have an opportunity  to apply for a scholarship, provided by Southern Management Corporation, to attend The American University.)

Eligibility Requirements:  US citizen or permanent resident, Resident of PG County, must graduate from a PG county high school, accepted to PGCC, minimum 2.5 GPA, household income of no more than $75,000 per year as evidenced by the previous year's tax return, three letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline: June 10, 2016

Applications available from Mrs. Marton

Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program - $1,000.  Awarded to students interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  For more information visit:

http://www.animationcareerreview.com to find eligibility information and online application.

Deadline is June 1, 2016.

Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarships - $1,000 for students interested in pursuing a fashion degree at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  For information visit:

www.fashion-schools.org and find the scholarship located at the bottom of the page and click on it.

Deadline is June 1, 2016

Assumption College Light the Way Scholarship

$25,000/year scholarship awarded to up to 50 students impacting the world in a positive way.

Students must apply and complete the scholarship application by December 15.  A completed Light the Way Scholarship application includes a brief essay from the student on how they are contributing to make the world a better place, a letter of recommendation, and a visual representation of their work.

Renewable for 4  years.  

Questions:  LTWS@assumption.edu   508-767-7285

$2,500 Br. Gerard Brassarad Scholarship awarded to all admitted St. Vincent Pallotti students.

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program:  Rewarding achievers inside and outside the classroom. Eligible students must enroll full time at a four year college or university in 2016-2017, and plan to major in a field of study that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business with an interest in the automotive industry.

50 scholarships each up to $25,000 per year

Visit: www.buickachievers.com

Application deadline:  February 29, 2016 (5:00 pm EST)

Burger King Scholarship

Application Deadline Dec. 15

Apply to receive up to $50,000 in scholarship awards for 2015-2016 school year.

High school seniors must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.   Apply at:


CG Trader Scholarship 2107:

Enter the CG Trader Scholarship 2017 Challenge to win $2,000 for your education bills. the best submission will be awarded $2,000 while two runners-up will receive $500 each.

Topic:  "The future of  technology in education"  Write an essay between 500 and 1000 words. submit your essay vial online form, Submission deadline June 1, 2017

To enter visit:


Caption Scholarship - $500 – 1 Award (Deadline: Nov 30, 2016)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Be attending college/university no later than the fall of 2017.
B) Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater and be a resident of the United States.

Applications can be found by going to:

 Chopin Foundation Scholarship Program - $4,000 - 10 Awards

(Deadline: May 15, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:

A) The Scholarship Program is open to all qualified American pianists (US citizens or legal residents) not younger than 14 and not older than 17 years of age on May 15 of their first year of application.
Applications can be found by going to:

Collegexpress.com: Free scholarship searches.

Christendom College  Scholarship Price Match Program:

Designed to assist students who are seriously interested in attending Christendom by removing other colleges' academic scholarship and aid offers as an obstacle to attendance.

To Learn more about this program as well as their robust financial aid program and other scholarship opportunities visit: www.christendom.edu/aid 

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarships:


Davidson Fellows Scholarships


Elmira College Key Award    ($80,000 scholarship over 4 years) Student must be nominated by our school and must visit the Elmira College campus by December 1st of their senior year.  Awarded to one male and one female student.

Candidates must be a junior in high school and in the top 10% of their current class, have a minimum academic grade point average of 90, and must have demonstrated outstanding school and community leadership.

Completed applications, transcripts, and counselor recommendations must be postmarked by March31st .

See Mrs. Marton to be nominated.

Extreamist.com  $1000 scholarships

1. We're looking for folks who want to help define the future of television (no discipline restrictions!). 

Here's all of the pertinent info: 


The scholarship is evergreen and will renew every 6 months (Jan and July).

2. Scholarship for anyone interested in analyzing Sports Data (no restrictions on field of discipline).

 We're asking for a short essay on how students will use big data in unique and interesting ways. Here's the URL for all of the details:


 The scholarship is evergreen so it will always be available year-round, distributed twice a year.

Facing Acne Scholarship 2017-2018   Amount: $2000  

Application deadline:  March 31, 2017

Eligible Students:  US Citizens, Currently a high chool senior, have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Visit: http://www.facingacne.com/scholarships/   

  GE-Regan Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Program: 

This national program awards college scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate Leadership, Drive, Integrity, Citizenship.  Recipients receive $10,000 renewable scholarships-up to $40,000 per student.  Apply online through www.reganfoundation.org/scholarships or http://facebook.com/GERegan Scholarships.  Deadline: January 4, 2018

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship - $500 – 1 Award (Deadline: June 15, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Be currently attending or planning on attending a post-secondary institution in the US no later than the Fall of 2017.
B) Submit a short story. Detailed instructions can be found on the application page.

Applications can be found by going to:

Gloria Barron Prize -  $5,000 - 25 Awards

(Deadline: April 15, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Between the ages of 8 and 18 (not yet age 19)
B) Permanent residents of and currently residing in the U.S.A. or Canada
C) Currently working on an inspiring service project or have done so within the past 12 months
Applications can be found by going to:

Got a Spine Scholarship - $500 – 1 Award (Deadline: June 2, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Be attending college or university no later than October of 2016.
B) Be attending college or university on a full-time basis by October of 2016.
C) Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year.

Applications can be found by going to:

2016 Green Home Improvement Scholarship


Howard County Foundation for Black Educational and Cultural Achievement, Inc. invites African-American students who are scheduled to graduate in spring 2017 to apply for its scholarship.  Students must live in Howard County and have a minimum grade point average of 2.5. 

Application materials available from Mrs. Marton

Questions contact Rose Waters at 443-421-4368 or watersway@Verizon.net

Application deadline is March 15

Intel ISEF -    $$3,000 - 600 Awards     (Deadline: April 1, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Students in grades 9-12 or equivalent must compete in an Intel ISEF affiliated science fairs around the world AND win the right to attend the Intel ISEF.

Applications can be found by going to:

Ithaca College Martin Luther King Scholar Program

To apply: my.ithaca.edu  and click on Scholarships tab

Important Dates and Deadlines:  ithaca.edu/mlk

MLK scholars receive a minimum award of $25,000 and in some cases up to fll tuition annually in both merit and need based aid.  Award is renewable annually for up to four years of continued full time enrollment.


Apply to Ithaca College by January 2, and finish Park Scholar Application by January 15.

At least ten Park Scholar Awards offered each year to academically exceptional high school seniors who have demonstrated strong character and leadership through service and community involvement.

Park Scholar Program covers entire cost of attendance and includes stipends for living expenses, books and a one-time computer purchase of up to $2500


Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship


Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte

Awarded to approximately 20 incoming freshmen who receive full tuition, room board, books and mandatory fees for eight semesters of undergraduate study at UNC Charlotte .  Scholars also have access to funding for four summer experiences, a service grant and a professional development fund.  The combined value of the scholarship over 4 years is $155,000.

Students m8ust demonstrate a commitment to community service, intellectual curiosity and the capacity for ethical leadership.

Students must be nominated By counselors by October 1, 2017

Long Island University Post  Presidential Honors Scholarship

Student must be nominated by our school.

Eligibility requirements: 

*Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.85

*A minimum 1520 combined math and critical reading SAT score or an ACT composite score of 34 or higher

*A significant, demonstrated history of leadership and volunteer service activities

Interested students should see a counselor.

Lift Parts Express Scholarship - $500 – 1 Award (Deadline: June 30, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) A Current Senior in High School or
B) A Freshman or Sophomore in College/University
C) Enrolled or expected to be enrolled by the Fall of 2017

Applications can be found by going to:

Louie Family Foundation Scholarships - $4,000 - 25 Awards

(Deadline: March 31, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Be a freshman in the 2017-2018 academic year and anticipate enrolling at a U.S. accredited college/university in the 2017-2018 academic year.
B) Have a cumulative, un-weighted grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). Students not on a 4.0 grading scale must convert their GPA to a 4.0 scale before submitting an application to the Foundation.
Applications can be found by going to:

Louie Family Foundation Scholarships - $4,000 - 25 Awards (Deadline: March 31, 2017)

To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:
A) Be a freshman in the 2017-2018 academic year and anticipate enrolling at a U.S. accredited college/university in the 2017-2018 academic year.
B) Have a cumulative, un-weighted grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). Students not on a 4.0 grading scale must convert their GPA to a 4.0 scale before submitting an application to the Foundation.
Applications can be found by going to:

Maryland Institute College of Art - Maryland Art Star Scholarship

Will be awarded to 30 incoming freshmen each year.  Each prize will total $20,000 allocated each of four years.  Students must be nominated by their high school art department to be considered for the award.

Eligible students must be strong art students with an un-weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher at the end of junior year.

Nominations due Dec. 1.

McDaniel College Educator's Legacy Scholarship Up to $25,000 /year

Open to current high school seniors who complete a college preparatory program with at least a 2.5 GPA.  Your parent or guardian must be currently employed full time in K-12 education within a school setting and have worked full time in education for a minimum of the past four consecutive school years.  Any service in a K-12 school qualifies - teachers, counselors, nurses, support staff, administrators,

How to apply:  Complete the online K-12 employment verification form at www.mcdaniel.edu/EduLegacyEligibility and submit the McDaniel Application or the common app for admission.

Paperwork available from Mrs. Marton

Mount Aloysius College Mercy Presidential Scholars

30 Competitive Scholarships Available.  $48,000 is dispersed over a four-year period.

Candidates must:

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Programs
  Award Amount: $2500 to $20,000

provides financial assistance to students who have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity. Scholarships typically range from $2500 to $22,000. To learn mor and to apply, visit www.scholars.horatioalger.org. Application deadline is October 25.

Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program:  Receive up to $2500 to pursue career or technical education.  Open to graduating seniors enrolling at a community college in the fall.  Eligible students must also demonstrate critical financial need, and be involved in community service activities.

Application Opens March 15

apply online at:  application.horatioalger.org

B Davis Scholarship
  Award Amount: $1,000
  Application Deadline: May 25, 2015

This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post-secondary institution. There is no age restriction. Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next. This is not an academic scholarship but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are. Please do not send transcripts or letters of recommendation at this time. Visit http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm  for information.

Big Sun Scholarship
  Award Amount: $500
  Application Deadline: June 19, 2017

All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they participate in. Visit http://www.bigsunathletics.com

The Herb BLOCK Scholarship
  Award Amount: up to $8,000 per academic year
  Application Deadline: July 7th for fall semester, November 10 for spring semester

For needy students pursuing an AA Degree or vocational certificate at MontgomeryCommunity College, Prince George's Community College, Northern VA Community College or University of the District of Columbia (two-year program only). Scholarships valued up to $8,000 per academic year.  For information and application click here . Applications and financial forms must be received no later than July 7th for fall semester, November 10 for spring semester.

Boston University Trusteeship Scholarship Competition
  Award Amount: four year, full tuition
  Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2016

Earn a four year, full tuition scholarship to BU. Deadline: De1, 2016. For more information: bu.edu/admissions/trustee

Boston University: Kilachand Honors College

is seeking exceptional students with demonstrated academic achievement, the potential to do creative and original work, and a willingness to explore and experiment with a broad range of disciplines. Visit www.bu.edu/khc for information

City of Bowie Arts Scholarship
  Award Amount: 1 award totaling $1,000
  Application Deadline: March 17

1  award totaling $1,000. Applicants must have been accepted at an accredited post secondary or specialized school and have declared an intent to major in a Visual or Performing Arts subject. Student must live within the Bowie city limits, and have a GPA of 3.0 or better. Applications must be received no later than March 14. Applications available from Mrs. Marton

City of Bowie Excellence in Education Scholarship

Student must be nominated by High School Principal and live within the city limits of Bowie, and have a 3.5 unweighted gpa. Pallotti may nominate up to 4 seniors who qualify.

   See Mrs. Marton if you would like to be nominated. Nominations due by March 14.

Brock Hall Estates Ladies Club
  Award Amount: $400
  Application Deadline: May 15

is offering a scholarship of $400. Eligible students must be graduating from a Prince George's county School, demonstrate strong academic achievement, demonstrate enrollment in college, provide an essay completing the following statement: "College is important to me because.." Packets must be received no later than May 15. Applications are available in Mrs. Marton's office.  Hill.elisa2@gmail.comor 301-627-0222

The Ron Brown Scholar Program
  Award Amount: $10,000 per year for 4 years
  Application Deadline: November 1st January 9th

"awards scholarships to academically talented, highly motivated African American students who are seniors in high school this year and plan to pursue undergraduate degrees full-time. Students must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent resident visa cards." Awards are $10,000 per year for 4 years. There are two application deadlines: November 1st January 9thhttp://www.ronbrown.org 

Central Scholarship
  Award Amount: from $1500 to $10,000
  Application Deadline: April 1

One million dollars in awards are available across more than forty unique scholarship programs. Awards range from $1500 to $10,000. Apply by April 1st to be considered for multiple scholarship awards. General Scholarship Criteria: Maryland Resident, US Citizen or permanent resident, family income below $90,000, GPA of 2.7 or higher.   Website: https://www.scholarselect.com/matching/41/start_page   email: Students@central-scholarship.org Student Hotline: 1-855-276-0239

Co-Op Education & Scholarships: WACE-Advancing Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education
  Application Deadline: February 15

In partnership with: Clarkson University, Drexel University, Kettering University, University of Toledo, Johnson & Wales University, University of Cincinnati, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts Lowell, State University of New York Oswego, Merrimack College,Wentworth Institute of Technology will award 200 merit scholarships. Competition Guidelines: 3.5 or better GPA, complete all required admissions applications material and be accepted for the 2018-19 academic year at one of the WACE Partner Institutions listed. For a scholarship application or to complete your application online, please visit www.waceinc.org

Danforth Scholars Program at Washington University in St. Louis
  Application Deadline: November 15

Candidates must have exhibited a capacity for service and leadership, as well as academic excellence. Students must be nominated for this scholarship. Interested students should see College Counselors to be nominated. For more information contact Danforth Scholars Committee at 310-935-6000 Email: admissions@wustl.edu To be considered student must return the application, short answers, essay, and transcript to the committee by November 15, 2017

University of Dayton Leadership in Service Scholarship
  Award Amount: $10,000
  Application Deadline: Jan. 31, 2015

One student from Pallotti can be nominated for this $10,000 scholarship before Jan. 31, 2014.  Interested students should contact Mrs. Marton

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Prince George’s county Alumnae Chapter)
  Application Deadline: January 5, 2015

Several scholarships for male and female residents of Prince George’s County. Eligible students must be a graduating high school senior, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Prince George's County, and planning to attend either an accredited or certified technical, vocational or trade institution in the U.S., or Prince George's Community College during the upcoming academic year.

The Fall 2017 scholarship application may be downloaded from www.pgcacdst.org

Printouts are also available from Mrs. Marton.

Drew University Scholarships
  Award Amount: $20,000
  Application Deadline: February 1

-Presidential Scholarship in the Arts for demonstrated talent in art, music, creative writing or theater

-Civic Engagement Scholarships for leadership in community service projects

-RISE Science Scholarships for students who have excelled academically and plan to major in biochemistry and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental studies and sustainability, mathematics, neuroscience or physics.

Award Amount: $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years). Application deadline: February 1. To learn more or apply for one of these awards visit  school website

  Award Amount: free scholarship

free scholarship  search, college search engine, and financial aid information  www.fastweb.com

Fairleigh Dickinson Presidential Scholarships
  Award Amount: Full tuition
  Application Deadline: Jan. 15

Recognizing exceptional academic performance. Criteria: SAT composite score of 1300 (math & critical reading) or ACT of 29, GPA 3.5 and enroll as a first-time full-time residential freshman.  Apply by submitting your application and supporting documents by Jan. 15. If you meet the requirements your counselor can recommend you for the scholarship.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Metopolitan Scholar Awards
  Award Amount: Full tuition
  Application Deadline: January 15

Students who meet the following criteria will automatically qualify for this award:  SAT composite score of 1300 or above (Math and Critical Reading only); or ACT score of 29 or above.  GPA of 3.5 or above, Rank in the top 10% of your class, Enroll as a first-time residential freshman at FDU's Metropolitian Campus.  

Fireside Catholic Publishing Essay Scholarship
  Award Amount: 5 $1,000 cash awards
  Application Deadline: December 12

will award 5 $1,000 cash awards for writing a 750-word essay on how their religious education is influencing their lives. Only one student per school may participate. Interested students should see Mrs. Marton by October 31. Essay and all materials are due December 4. 800-676-3264  http://www.firesidecatholic.com/essay.htm   email: scholarshipinfo@firesidecatholic.com

Frederic M. Grossman Memorial High Scholarship
  Award Amount: $1,500 per year for up to four years

Designed to assist members of the KOC within the jurisdiction of Maryland in paying tuition for their sons and daughters at accredited Catholic High Schools; three grants of $1,500 per year for up to four years. Awards will be made on the basis of academic excellence, personal qualifications, and financial need. Children of deceased members are also eligible. 

High Bridge Foundation Scholarships
  Award Amount: 5- $1000 scholarships and 5 book awards valued at $500 each
  Application Deadline: May 1, 2014

for students in PG county schools: 5- $1000 scholarships and 5 book awards valued at $500 each to deserving graduates. Scholarships are intended to help support the cost of the recipient’s attendance at a trade school, community college, college or university.   For students facing hardships or have financial need. Information at www.highbridgefoundation.org.

Knights of Columbus Maryland State Council
  Application Deadline: Feb.1

Application must be received by Feb.1

Interested parents and students may obtain specific information and applications by writing to:

Maryland State Council

Knights of Columbus

State Scholarship Chairman

c/o Phil Asplen

252 Pot String Road, L-503

Timonium, MD  21093

Maryland State Program: Howard R.Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant

Based on family income.  Apply online at www.mhec.state.md.us/

Maryland House of Delegate Scholarships
  Award Amount: $200

Maryland's Delegates offer scholarships to graduating seniors within their districts attending a college or university in Maryland. The application process begins in January and closes in March.  Click here to find out who your delegate is.  Call their office requesting an application. Minimum award is $200

Maryland Senatorial Scholarship
  Award Amount: $400

Students may apply by completing and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March. Students should also contact their State senator for additional application procedures. Senators’ contact information can be found at http://www.mlis.state.md.us or by calling 1-800-492-7122. Minimum award is $400. Award may be used at an out-of-state institution if the student’s major is not available in Maryland.  We have the paperwork for State Senator Victor Ramirez in the college counseling office.

Maryland Senatorial Scholarship

Students may apply by completing and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March . Students should also contact their State senator for additional application procedures.  To find Senators’ contact information click here  or call 1-800-492-7122. Minimum award is $400. Award may be used at an out-of-state institution if the student’s major is not available in Maryland.

University of Maryland Baltimore County Scholars Programs

Students must be nominated by November 15.  Visit College Counseling Office for information on nominating process.

CWIT Scholars Program (Center for Women in Technology)

supports high-achieving undergraduates, both men and women, who plan to major in computer science, computer engineering, information systems, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or another IT-related field.

The Humanities Scholars Program

seeks talented students who intend to pursue degrees in English, history, philosophy, ancient studies, classical or modern languages, linguistics, cultural anthropology, gender and women’s studies, media and communication studies, or American or Africana, or Asian studies.

The Linehan Artist Scholars Program

brings together talented students from the visual and performing arts disciplines, theatre, music, dance, and visual arts

Meyerhoff Scholars Program at UMBC

supports students who plant to pursue doctoral study in the sciences or engineering and who are interested in the advancement of minorities in those fields. To be eligible for the program, students must have at least a "B" average in college-preparatory mathematics and science courses, outstanding SAT scores, a genuine interest in science, a desire to pursue a terminal degree (Ph,.D, or MD/Ph.D) in a STEM discipline, and an interest in the advancement of underrepresented students in the STEM fields. Visit website for more details.  To be nominated contact Mrs. Marton.

The Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program

supports students who are interested in developing a fundamental understanding of public policy and pursuing careers in public policy, government service, or the non-profit sector

Sherman Teacher Education Scholars Program

seeks students interested in the teaching profession and in STEM areas of study (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

More than 2,000 scholarships awarded annually to students attending 47 member Historically Black member colleges. For information click here 

McDaniel College Dorsey Scholars Program
  Application Deadline: Jan.14

Students are selectef by the school from the honors applicant pool.  

If you plan to attend college, there are many scholarships and other forms of tuition assistance available. Your college counselor can help you with the process of applying for scholarships and grants, which should be done as early as possible. 

Oklahoma’s Promise for College Tuition

The Oklahoma’s Promise for College Tuition program is directed at 8th-, 9th- and 10th-grade students whose annual family income is $50,000 or less. By agreeing to meet certain academic requirements and standards of conduct, these students may qualify to earn free college tuition. For details on the program, including requirements, benefits and application information, visit our Oklahoma’s Promise summary page or the Oklahoma’s Promise website.

TCC Achieves

Tulsa Achieves provides full tuition and fees for every high school senior, public or private, who graduates with a 2.00 and commits to attend Tulsa Community College in the Fall following their senior year. Every high school graduate living in Tulsa County, including public, private or home-schooled students, with a 2.0 or higher grade point average is eligible. This program, which began five years ago, has become a nationally recognized model being replicated in other colleges across the country. Tulsa Achieves gives Tulsa County high school seniors the opportunity to achieve their educational goals, debt-free. For more information, go to http://www.tulsacc.edu/tulsaachieves





Amazon Student scholarship for tuition and books based on GPA, community service and leadership experience

Aspiring Animation Professional scholarship for students interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college

Aspiring Business Professional scholarship for students interested in pursuing a busingess degree at any accredited post-secondary school or college

Aspiring Fashion Professional scholarship that will be awarded to students interested in pursuing a fashion degree at an accredited post-secondary school or college



Beacon Memorial Scholarship students selected on the basis of Christian witness, financial need, scholarship and citizenship

Benedictine College Presidential & Dean's Scholarships for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance

Boston University scholarships for students with outstanding academic records and strong leadership skills

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program need based scholarship for community-minded students

Burger King Scholars Program



Cameron Impact Scholarship a 4-year, full-tuition, merit-based scholarhip; 3.7 minimun unweighted GPA; must be a United States Citizen 

Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship a quick and easy $1000 scholarship

Catholic College Admission Association scholarship for students attending a Catholic member college or university

Cherokee Promise Scholarship for Cherokee Nation students at Rogers State University

Christendom College Padre Pio Full Tuition Scholarship

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma scholarships and grants for higher education for members of the Choctaw Nation

College Week Live monthly scholarships

Colleges that Change Lives students attending one of the 44 CTCL-member colleges or universities

Colorado State University scholarships for non-resident freshmen

Coolidge Scholars Program full ride scholarship to any accredited United States university



Do Something donate sports goods to kids in underserved communities and win a $5,000 scholarship

Drury University

Duck Tape's Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest creating promwear from Duck Tape



Education Matters Scholarship a short essay application answering the question: What would you say to someone who thinks a college education doesn't matter; that it is a waste of time and money

Eugene McDermott Scholars Program  full tuition at University of Texas-Dallas

E-Waste Scholarship essay contest for students concerning E-waste and digital responsibility.

EWI Scholarship



Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Fastweb scholarship Search Engine

Folds of Honor Scholarship children of military personnel killed or disabled in service

Fort Lewis College (Colorado) CDIB-cardholding Native Americans



Gates Millennium Scholars outstanding African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander American & Hispanic American

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program  students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship

General Lloyd W. "Fig" Newton Scholarship essay contest for strong students who have financial need.

Go Skateboarding Foundation skateboarding

Good Call scholarship search engine

Got a Spine Scholarship $500 scholarship. Deadline is June 2, 2017. 



Hays Memorial Scholarship (Hendrix College) well-rounded student leaders.

Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Notre Dame merit-based scholarship

Hispanic American Foundation offers 5 different scholarships to Hispanic students

Hispanic Scholarship Fund scholarships for Latino students

Horatio Alger Scholarship student with financial need who exhibits integrity & perserverance in overcoming personal adversity

Hunt Scholar (Southern Methodist University) high academic achievement and proven leadership capabilities



I am Applying Award $1000 Scholarship open to anyone who is applying to college and attending within 12 months

Ignatian Leaders Scholarship (Gonzaga University) demonstrated commitment to academic excellence, leadership potential and community service. 

Iowa State Scholarships special awards for Oklahoma residents



Jack Kent Cooke Foundation high-achieving high school seniors are eligible for this scholarship. Recipients are awarded up to $40,000 per year to complete their bachelor's degree, in addition for opportunities for internships, study abroad, and graduate school funding. 

Jaycee Foundation of Oklahoma US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

Junior League of Tulsa Founders Scholarship Tulsa area female high school seniors exhibiting a commitment to voluntarism


Knights of Columbus Scholarships children of Knights of Columbus attending catholic college or university



Lewis University Lasallian High School Scholarship graduates of schools sponsored by teh De La Salle Christian Brothers

LGMD Awareness Scholarship to reward students who teach others about LG Muscular Dystrophies.

Lift Parts Express Scholarship $500 scholarship. 1 Award.  Deadline is June 30, 2017.



Marist College full tuition, room & board scholarship for students who major in Computer Science or Information Technology & Systems

Mark A. Forester Scholarship essay scholarship about how student honors America's military heroes.

Mensa Education & Research Foundation Scholarship bases its awards totally on essays written by the applicants 

Missouri Southern State University

My College Dollars scholarship search engine



NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award high school seniors who operate their own small business

Niche $2,000 "No Essay" College Scholarship

Nichols Scholarship knowledge of Oklahoma history as well as academics, citizenship and leadership

Northeastern State University

Nursing Schools Almanac scholarship for aspiring nursing student who displays academic excellence and a passion for healthcare



Oklahoma City Community Foundation helping Oklahoma Students with over 120 different scholarships

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma Engineering Foundation Scholarships for students enrolled in an accredited engineering degree program

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship for knowledge & appreciation of Oklahoma history

Oklahoma Heritage Scholarship competition based on knowledge of Oklahoma history

Oklahoma Pilots Association Vic Jackson Award for interests in the study of aviation, aviation education or airport management

Oklahoma State University 

Oklahoma Scholarships scholarships available to Oklahoma Public Universities and Colleges

Oklahoma Soccer Association 

Oral Roberts University



Park Scholarships North Carolina State University accomplishment in scholarship, leadership, service & character

Pittsburg State University Gorilla Advantage in-state tuition for northeastern Oklahoma counties

Pittsburg State University Music Scholarship

PAFScholarship (January 1st Deadline) athletes with academic achievement & leadership skills who will not be participating in collegeiate athletics (see your college counselor)

Points Scholarships $10,000 scholarship. 10 awarded. Deadline is December 15, 2017. 

Presentation College (Aberdeen SD) scholarship for graduates of a catholic high school

Project Paradigm Challenge prize money awarded to the best ideas to prevent injuries and fatalities from home fires. Team Entry.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award volunteer service





Robertson Scholars Leadership Program young leaders who strive to make transformational contributions to society

Ron Brown Scholars Program Scholarship need-based scholarship to African American Students who have an  interest in public service, community engagement, entrepreneurship  & global citzenship

Rove Pest Control Scholarship for Class of 2018 graduates is a $500 scholarship to anyone seeking a higher education



Saint Leo University (Tampa FL) Catholic High School grant for students graduating from a catholic high school

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship (Saint Mary-of-the-Woods) students who have used their unique experiences, aptitudes & abilities to make a difference 

Saint Michael's College Edmundite Scholarship awarded to a student who graduates from a Catholic High School  

Scholarship Points earn points to win a $10,000 scholarship by completing online activities

Simon Estes Foundation strong academics with demonstrated financial need

SMART Scholarship pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathmatics (STEM) disciplines

Society of American Military Engineers for students interested in engineering, biological or physical sciences

Sons of the American Revolution all BSA Scouts who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout & not yet reached the age of 19

Southern Methodist University academic scholarships

St. John's University Scholarships for students attending St. John's University in New York

St. Louis University Presidential Scholarship

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship students who are leaders and volunteers in their communities who demonstrate financial need



10 Words or Less Scholarship in ten words or less state why you deserve the $500 scholarship.

Texas A&M National Merit and Merit Plus Awards

Texas Tech University Bordering State Tuition almost in-state tuition for Oklahoma residents

TCC My Dream/Mi Sueño Scholarship undocumented students of hispanic descent

Tulsa Community Foundation various Tulsa-based scholarships



UNIGO Shout it Out Scholarship this unique scholarship gives you the platform to speak up - and cash in. The "loudest" applicant will receive the $1,500 Shout It Out Scholarship reward.  

University of Alabam National Scholars National Merit or National Achievement

University of Arkansas System CDIB-cardholding Native Americans (In-state Tuition)

University of Arkansas Fort Smith Freshman Prestigious Scholarship

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Dayton Leadership in Service Scholarship student who is committed to service within his or her school, church or community (see your counselor)

University of Kansas CDIB-cardholding Native Americans (in-state tuition after attending a class at Haskell Indian Nations University) 

University of Missouri (Mizzou) non-resident scholarships

University of Oklahoma (OU)

University of Saint Mary Catholic High School Scholarship for 1st time freshman who attended a catholic high school

University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Cohen Scholarship need-based scholarship for Cinematic Arts Majors

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