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Fear Is Stronger Than Love Essay

Tune in to the news, read the paper, talk to other people and you can easily find something to worry about or be afraid of. It’s worldwide. It’s the human condition. All humans have stress in their lives and feel afraid at times. Sometimes fear is actually appropriate and necessary in order to keep us safe. A certain amount of good stress is necessary in our lives as it keeps us growing and learning, but a build up of worry and fear is not good for us in any way and yet so many people seem to feed and thrive on a steady diet of fear!

Fear is at the root of chronic stress. Pain is another cause. We fear that we are not enough, that we made a big mistake in our life, that we’re not going to be okay in the future or that we will fall apart if we lose what we have.

The truth is, we are powerful spirits living human lives, we’re capable of much more than we know. No one, at the highest level of understanding is a victim. If that doesn’t ring true to you, read Victor Frankl’s account of his time in the concentration camp or study the lives of great leaders such as Mahatma Ghandi or Nelson Mandela.

In the bigger picture there are no mistakes, only lessons learned that lead to wisdom. And we will always be okay in the future if we pay full attention right here in the present  moment, because this is where our future is being created.

How do we learn to deal more effectively with fear? With roving anxiety? With bitterness and regret? We can push it down and many of us do that for years. Yet that’s only a band-aid solution, because it just keeps coming back up.

Here is my 5-step formula for releasing fear and cultivating more love:

1. Identify the fear. Call your anger, upset, bitterness, regret or anxiety by its real name: FEAR

2. Ask yourself why you are afraid. Who or what are you afraid of? And is the fear truly founded on an event? Are you actually in danger in this moment?

3. If you are in actual danger, do something to help yourself, or ask someone for help. Change the situation any way you can. If you’re not in harm’s way, continue asking yourself questions about the stress.

4. Breathe, meditate, pray. Take some time out by yourself.

5. Change your view. Look at the person or situation you are afraid of with new eyes; the eyes of your heart and soul. Practice compassionate understanding. It may be helpful to talk with someone you trust to get an objective outside opinion (witness consciousness). People who are not emotionally invested in our problems often have much clearer vision.

Experiencing even the smallest victory of love over fear gives us strength and nurtures our warrior spirit.

Every time I feel negative emotion and begin to spin my tales of woe, I now recognize it as a call to look deeper. When I look deeper, I always come back to the same answer: Love. It’s stronger than fear. The loving response feels more empowering to me. The eyes of compassion lead to the expanded and healthier heart.

What are you waiting for? Love is always available. Relief is just a perspective shift away.

  • They are equal

    Black and white ying and yang tomato tamato all same thing and anal sucks tbh but everyone likes it so hate is equal to love and death and birth shit know what im saying cuz. If you dont your a gay ass faggot and should jump off a bridge but its cool love is love.

  • Love Rules Everything

    Love is stronger than hate.
    Lets look at this mathematically. Hatred only will lead to a negative reactions where the inevitable sum of all components will be an absolute zero. Eg. Death, exile, complete destruction. Even the perception of nothing would be the forgetfulness of all things; even forgetfulness in itself.
    Love, however, will conquer. Love consideration understanding peace of mind.

  • Love Isn't Always Blunt

    Before I start, love and hate are equally powerful. However, love is stealth on its side. Sometime, when you hate someone, you hurt them - whether it's physically or mentally - and sometimes, people can see what you are doing.

    However, people think that love is always about loving someone and the happiness that come from it. Not many people think what can be the effects of loving someone. Love is the root of many emotions. You can be jealous of someone and hate them because your crush like them instead of you. Love can cause you to see that this person is right or not right for you. Therefore, while hate seem more powerful because of the more abundant events that happened in history, love is powerful because it causes both positive and negative emotions.

  • Love is stronger than hate.

    Love is stronger than hate because people who love are closer and have a stronger bond that cannot be broken unlike hate people are spread apart by hate not brought together, therefore, love is stronger than hate and has a bond. Love overrules all even including hate. Love ends violence. Think if you would rather chose to be loved or hated which one would you choose? Most would chose loved.

  • Love is stronger than hate.

    Love is stronger than hate because people who love are closer and have a stronger bond that cannot be broken unlike hate people are spread apart by hate not brought together, therefore, love is stronger than hate and has a bond. Love overrules all even including hate. Love ends violence. Think if you would rather chose to be loved or hated which one would you choose? Most would chose loved.

  • Love is stronger than hate.

    Love can be more powerful than hate because love can end violence, make others do lovable things, and inspire creations. Also since love is a much sweeter emotion, people become more attracted to it. Love is so powerful that when you feel love towards someone it will make you do lovable things instead of hateful things.

    Love also has the power to create life. Two people that hate each other won’t create children unlike two people who love each other. If we were asked whether we prefer to be loved or to be hated, mostly everybody would chose to be loved. If we were asked if we would want to love more than hate or hate more than love we would chose to love more than hate. Love always wins. In most situations, love is usually always the choice. The best thing about love is that it can end hate and that it can change someone’s hateful ways. Love is the only thing that can end hate, nothing else.

    Some people say that hate can be stronger than love. Hate, in most cases, leads to violence. It can destroy what exists. Hate can destroy life. Unlike love. Love does not usually destroy life, it helps create life. I do not agree. Although it is more powerful than love in some ways it does not make hatred overall stronger than love. Love is more powerful, and anything that is started by hate will be destroyed by hate. Some say they think hate is stronger because it has a way of getting things down, and love has a way of slowing things down.

  • Hate gets things done, Love slows you down

    Hate gets things moving, greases the wheel on the proverbial train. Love only serves to slow you down and confuse and distract the mind. Distract you from your goals. Hating someone involves two people, loving a woman or man oftens attracts hate of several people. Hate is stronger than love.

  • Subjective question equals subjective answer

    Love is a multi characterized thing. It's like this. If someone loves unconditionally, like my grandfather did, his love ight have been greater than any hate in anyone, but in a physical confrontation, he may have lost because had zero desire to hurt anyone no matter what.

    Having said that, my love is different. If someone is wicked, violent, and comes in my house where my loved ones are, I'd put 5 killer bees in their chest, get an aluminum bat, beat them mercilessly, and throw them in a lake out of love for my friends or family.(at least in my mind).

    A terrorist group of hate could do mindless amounts of damage, that you would not think loving people could do themselves, making hate seem stronger.

    But if you had a person of love who had changed the lives of 10,000 people by giving them shelter, food, drink, listening to them, and not judging them, 10,000 people might love that one person in very deep ways. Deeper than is easily concieved. If that one person was captured by the terrorist group, tortured him, and beheaded him on camera, and that video went viral, I believe the vengeance of the 10,000 people who he had sacrificed for and saved the lives of against the terrorist group could be the largest scale of death and destruction out of a holy, righteous, yet vendictive rage, that mankind has ever seen. In that scenario, the 10,000 might become human kamakazis who have accepted their own dimize, become hellbent on becoming as death dealing and destructive a force as is humanly possible.

    So I guess love would be stronger because love escapes a fire and will walk right back into that same fire to rejoin forces with those they love. Hate gets out of the fire, thinks of itself, and saves only itself. Unity based on love at a massive numbers scale could destroy an army of hate if united and in war mode. World War II was an example of love overcoming hate. The Nazi mindset was mindless, fueled by Germany's people's desperate desire for basic needs , and fueled by drugs within a madman who ran the show. He earned his stripes, made his people promises, showed some results, gave them an excuse and a target for their stresses. He was followed by many. Some as supporting Germans and some who were afraid to not support the Naziism. One other country joined them from fear of them. Another saw an opportunity to exploit and joined as well. The Nazi supported army was vast and powerful.

    I remember stories from my grandfathers and their brothers about the war. In total they equalled 15 men. All 15 fought in the war. ALL 15. Out of the 15, 6 were drafted. 9 faked there age and joined as minors technically too young to fight. That is love. Not one chose safety over love. Luck? Maybe. But they won the war in the end.

  • Love is Love, is Love, is Love.

    People love to hate. In all actuality I think it so much easier to love. If you just keep to yourself and you don't hate, you do it out of love. People who hate are married, they have children, thy are a brother a sister a son a daughter. They love their mom, or dad, or brother, or sister. And even if you don't express your love on a day to day basis for those people your love is unconditional for them and it does not go away. You spend day after day not knowing who loves you. Black, white, gay, straight, people love one another and they accept off personality. You cant judge a book by its cover so everything starts out with "Love" for lack of a better word. You cant hate until you truly know about what whatever the topic may be. Love is love is love is love, and no matter who says what or who does what, we always find a reason to come back and have love for that person. No matter how much hate we have within us.

  • Hate is love

    Even when you hate someone you must admit that you love to hate them if you hate someone you love them enough to hate them if you can find enough things wrong with a person to hate them you really pay attention and you only pay attention to the things you love so what you hate you actually love more

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