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Fin 370 Week 5 Learning Team Assignments


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Final Exam Fin 370When complete, please submit your answers to your individual forum. DO NOTdiscuss this with any other person -- this is an individual final exam!!For the true false answers only submit the question number and answer --do not include the question in your answer sheet. For otherquestions/problems, please show all of your work for full credit. One Excelattachment is preferred -- do not send in more than one attached file.TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement isfalse. (2 points total) 1.Profit maximization stresses the efficient use of timing and risks.F2.Financial assets are tangible assets such as houses, equipment, andinventories. F3.The sustainable rate of growth represents the rate at which a firm’s sales can grow if it wants to maintain its present financial ratios and does not want to resortto a sale of new equity shares.T4.Business risk refers to the relative disperses in the firm’s expected earnings after interest and taxes.F5.New capital-budgeting projects are always new products taken to market.F6. The stock of cash is a type of inventory.T

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