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I Caught Your Son Doing Homework Images

Everyone has their unique method of parenting, but model-actress Draya Michelle caught the brutal wave of social media after she shared a instance where she refused to sign her son’s homework.

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Michelle opened the proverbial floor on Instagram Thursday (Dec. 7) when she shared a situation with herself, son Kniko Howard and his teacher. The former reality star explained how upset her son was over lost points on a assignment. His project required extensive practice on a speech and needed her signature. “It’s not my damn homework but it feels like it,” she said. Since her son has recited the speech up to two times a day for month, Michelle says she was tired of hearing it.

Calling it a “snooze,” Michelle relayed a message to Howard’s teacher that she was “done with this.”

Reactions were swift as Michelle was called a bad parent for her actions.



Others came her defense, but didn’t spare the jokes. Michelle also tried to clear the air by saying, “I’m not annoyed of signing. I’m annoyed of him feeling the need to read it to me everyday.”

The Instagram post has been deleted, but the debate has continued on the world that is social media.

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A viral image of a 9-year-old Filipino boy attempting to do homework in the street, under the dim light of a nearby McDonald’s, has prompted an international outpouring of donations, according to his stunned and delighted mother.

“We’re overjoyed,” said Christina Espinosa, a grocery store worker who makes less than $2 a day, according to AFP. “I don’t know what I will do with all of these blessings.”

The photo of the diligent student, Daniel Cabrera, went viral shortly after a passerby posted an image of him on Facebook last moth. The image was shared nearly 7,000 times and drew the attention of local reporters. One month later, the family had received schoolbooks, clothing, a reading lamp and a college scholarship fund.

Espinosa described her son as “studious” and determined to obtain an advanced degree.

“He would insist on going to school even without his lunch money because I have no money to give,” Espinosa said.


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